Time Capsule

It often seems to me that the times in my life when I should be really taking time to reflect, appreciate and capture memories, is when I do the least. As a result, there are big gaps in this chronicle. So here’s a little less space between the beats:

It’s in these periods of intense activity and creation when I get distracted from reflection, and absorbed in the urgency of the task at hand. As a result, I barely notice so many wonderful moments that passing by so quickly. There is so much to be grateful for.


Even when on holidays, life still somehow feels all consuming (no wonder I guess with our precocious boyz).


It’s telling that I’m writing this on a flight back from Barcelona where I spoke at the Smart Cities Expo. When flying, access to work is limited with all my tools now in the cloud. I do value these periods inflight, where my activity is disrupted, slowed, even paused.


(This is Beth Noveck btw, one of my heroes of government transformation)
Given it has been more than a year since my last post, I wonder how long it will be until my next? I guess it’s perseverance that counts!


I do love these little time capsules.


It’s hard to believe we’ll have a fourth child in less than two weeks. Having been so busy with Cedar, Lucas, Jasper and Collabforge (work), I fear Keri and #4 haven’t had the focus they deserve. I’m hoping for some headspace over the few weeks I’m planning to take off work, to connect with our newest addition to spaceship earth.

In the meantime, a few reflections…

I’m trying to imagine #4 on this log next to Jasper 🙂 ->


The boys are all excited about #4 – they have so much fun with each other (too much it often seems) I’m sure they’re expecting another maniac to add to the mix.


Jasper is very excited to finally be a big brother too!

“Gama Sherry” has come to lend a helping hand as well – thank you!

Cool cats:

Some fun in the sun:

Watching movies (while cuddling an ipad):

So erratic silence projects this year. Lucas explored the myths and realities of dragons with this project – “Dragons: Fact or Fiction”.

…and built quite a large paper model dragon (with plenty of help from mom and dad – very challenging!):

Meanwhile, Cedar expanded the space between his ears by learning about constellations, stars and the universe with his project, “My Planetarium”.

For this project, he built a small battery powered planetarium (again with plenty of help from dad, mom and grandma sherry!). It was pretty awesome when we turned out the lights and it projected stars on the walls and ceiling.

Well, I suspect the next time I post, it will be about a new bub. Until then…









Something to remember us by

Never seem to have smoggy time to write a proper post – whatever that is. But whnever I look back, I’m always glad I did what I did. So here’s the minimum requirements:

Kids first day at HackerSpace Melbourne

Today I took Cedar and Lucas to http://www.hackmelbourne.org for the first time. It was great. They had an opportunity to use Lego Mindstorms (programmable robot Legos) and got some wonderful support from the HackerSpace crew. If you have an inter…

Question: Are computer games bad for the environment?

43744846-p207My 5-and-three-quarter year old twin sons asked this question the other day.

It’s a challenging question to answer – I guess, yes they are, by way of the energy used and materials involved in the delivery platform. But then, if you charge with green power (purchased from solar providers) as we generally do. Does that help?

I thought I’d ask for responses, as I didn’t really know how to answer.

Do any other parents have experience with this kind of inquiry?

Anyone have suggestions for making game playing more green?

Thoughts? Anything?.. 🙂

Cedar & Lucas @ CoMConnect

This was C&L’s “first conference” – funny they even knew what a conference was! (clearly testiment to my work/life/balance 🙂 )

What’s in a picture?


As my youngest son (19 months old) adopts the iPad with voracity, he is being introduced to a world of images – both of the world around him, and of himself.

I can’t help but wonder what the impact of this is – surely there is one, and surely it is significant.

Recognition of himself is being reinforced earlier and in more ways (not only is he taking pictures of himself and navigating his own way through the photo library, he is playing with effects and distortions like the image above).

There was a time when the peak of technology in this space was a mirror, and a time before then when it was perhaps a deep pool of water.

I have no answers, only questions :-)…

Family Update

Inspired by Grandma Sherry’s birthday, here’s a slew of photos and video – I’ll let them do the talking.

In A Week

At 9 months old, this week Jasper learned to crawl and wave at me while saying ‘da da’ (though he could already say that).

In general, his awareness and interaction with the world seemed to leap ahead a notch – he’s suddenly showing you objects and trying to give them to you, giving kissesand the like.

Here’s a crawl at the beginning of the week (notice his back legs kind of being dragged along):

And here’s a video of his crawl at the end of the week, big difference:

A few naps for fun:

29211847-IMG_4398 29211903-IMG_4370

Jasper Takes Over The Universe!

I guess it’s to be expected that as the second birth (third child) he doesn’t get quite the limelight that C&L got. Having said that, I do think he is simply more self sufficient. In any case, he’s a delight, and it’s amazing to watch his personality emerge – a smily joker to be sure…

About Jasper,

– Lucas says: “fuddle fuddle fuddle”, “I like that he crawl’s around and scares peolpe like a dinasour – I want him to do all that stuff when he grows up.”

– Cedar says: “He’s nice and lovey, and very cute”, “He’s like a tiger that goes ‘ra, ra!’, and he crawls over people and takes over the universe!.. That’s all.”

Here’s a few pictures and a bit of video:

28211435-IMG_421028211614-IMG_375428211108-IMG_4323 28211193-IMG_4240